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Recent: Participation in Green Climate Fund 6th Board Meeting



State Level Consultation on the Status of implementation of the PCPNDT Act In Rajasthan

Updates on CSB Initiatives 

Awareness generation on Climate Change, Jhunjhunu, 22nd March 2014

Green Climate Fund 6th Board Meeting and GCF Civil Society Consultations (Bali- Indonesia, 15 – 21 February 2014)

GCF CSO Statement 

People's manifesto for general (Lok Sabha) elections in Rajasthan

7th session of the Open Working group on Sustainable Development Goals, UNHQ, New York (6th t0 10th January, 2014)

UN Asia-Pacific Ministerial Dialogue and Asia Pacific Civil Society Consultation on the United Nations Development Agenda Beyond 2015 (Bangkok, 26-28 Aug 2013)

Global Dialogue on Sustainable Development (Bangkok, 10th October 2013)

UNFCCC & Beyond Copenhagen's Side event at COP 19, National Stadium, Warsaw

Pre-COP consultation

People’s manifesto

Dharna against BRAI bill in Delhi, 8th August, 2013

Visit of Florida & Norwegian students

Learning from the Korean Experience on Water Woes

Action training on survey through Android Mobile device

PSAARC meeting

ICCO workshop

Learning Trip on Initiatives Against Trafficking In Women And Girls 29th-30th October, Kolkata

Media Consultation, Niwai, 20 December, 2013

Project Inception Meeting- My City- Phase II

CECOEDECON is one of Rajasthan's leading civil society organizations. It's early footprints in the area of disaster relief have eventually progressed into imprinting its presence in more than 15 districts across the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

For over three decades the organization has worked towards promoting inclusion, making communities resilient, empowering women, children, farmers and others at the society's margins including Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes through its   innovative interventions ranging from Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, Climate Change, Fair Trade, Institution Development, Seed Sovereignty, Land Rights, health, nutrition, Education and Human Rights. 

In the 31 years of its engagement with the marginalised communities and other partners, CECOEDECON's greatest strength  has been its ability to to adjust to the changes that are taking place in its external environment and within the organisation. Based on these changes it has tried to evolve its Vision, Mission, Approaches, Strategies and Major Interventions at different levels.

CECOEDECON works on the Rights Based Approach to development, as it provides a deeper understanding of poverty and rights violation, vulnerability, constraints in realization of rights and the decision making. The strategies moved towards integrating human rights principles to development, being guided by international and national standards and seeking local solutions. Acknowledging the critical role of international actors and govt. CECOEDECON has used a multilayered approach to effectively generate the change, focussing interventions at multiple levels creating opportunities for change to be initiated by the decision makers and at the same time accommodating initiatives from the communities. Having a strong background of meaningful community participation, empowerment, advocacy and imposing accountability on the duty bearers, CECOEDECON has developed insights into the causal analysis of vulnerability, building partnerships for development, strengthening community based institutions, integral gender analysis and need for maintaining multiple intervention at the local, state, national,  regional and global levels.